A wedding album will be one of your best investments

Wedding albums are timeless and are usually passed down from generations in a family. What a treasure to give to your children and grandchildren! Wedding albums are generally kept on a coffee table or displayed close by so you can get your album and relieve your memories without going to a computer to look your photos up. Plus, it's an amazing feeling to see your wedding photos in print!

There are several beautiful options for you to choose from that showcase this most important time in your life. I have tailored these options to fit every budget.

If you have any requests for anything just let me know and I'll see if I can get it for you. This album represents you and your marriage...let it tell your love story!

Q & A

What does the album look like? 

Albums are flushmount and is crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, layflat pages printed on photographic paper and wrapped in luxe linen or leather.

How does this album process work? 

1. Once I deliver your wedding photos, please select at least 15 of your favorite images from each folder of your gallery by clicking the “♥”. If you'd like me to select the photos for you, please indicate that in the album order form. 

2. Fill out this order form and submit it along with your selected wedding pictures by notifying me via email.

3. Once I've received your order/pictures, I will design the album. From there, I will let you proof the album, then we will move on to payment. After those things are completed your album will be in production!

Can we order albums for our parents?

Yes! Minis are scaled-down replicas of your flushmount album. They will have the same layout and cover as the larger album. Cameos and debossing are not available on Minis. Let me know if you are interested in this and I will give you a discount on this album if ordered with your wedding album.


Our albums are handcrafted layflat albums that feature thick photographic paper. Spreads are an entire page, front and back.

8x8 $440

10x10 $460

11x14 (vertical or horizontal) $520

max 50 spreads | base price includes 10 spreads. | extra spreads are around $20 per spread

Prices are approximate and are subject to change.

I will send you a personal quote after I design your custom album.

Step 1: Pick cover material

Choose from linen, or two types of leather



Leather II

Step 2: Debossing

Choose from standard debossing or the design collection debossing

choose between two types of debossing

standard debossing

A timeless way to add a little personalization to your album!

Will add around $20 to your album

design collection debossing

A way to personalize your album and also dress it up!

Will add around $30 to your album

step 3: cameo

Cameos are a simple and affordable way to personalize an album cover. Select the right photo and matching color tones from your favorite cover material to elevate the first impression. A cameo will add around $25 to your album.

Please fill out the order form below with your options from above. I will get a personal quote to you as well as let you proof your album before ordering.

Album proofs will be sent to this email address

Album will be sent to this address

No worries, I will get you to proof the album either way!

PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPERS: Lustre - Thick pages, lightly pebbled, soft sheen Semi-Matte - Thick pages, smooth texture, near-matte finish