Wedding Day Questionnaire

I am so excited you have chosen me to photograph your big day! If you could be so kind as to take a moment to fill out the questionnaire on this page. This is mainly for the brides who have already chosen and contacted me to photograph their wedding. Once filled out I can create a schedule for our day!


There are also a few things I need from you before your wedding day and the day of:


- A list of any special photographs that I may not otherwise get unless noted

- A list of family you would like formal photos with. It also helps if you have a large family to assign someone in charge of helping me gather family members and call out names for the smoothest  (and shortest) time possible taking family photos.

- Your dress, rings, shoes, perfume, invitation, jewelry, garter, anything of importance to you set aside in the room you will be getting ready in the day of the wedding. This helps me find of the items conveniently and prevents me from having to hunt down items and who has them.