An outfit can transform a photograph! It's up to you if you want to dress vintage, modern, rustic, masculine, or feminine. It's great when you find clothes that bring out your personality and make you shine! Vivid colors, limited prints, and layers are always great options. Pick colors that flatter your skin tones and make your eyes pop. Try to stay away from sleeveless blouses, clothes that are ill-fitting, and tank tops. Select clothing in which you feel comfortable and confident in and clothing that brings out your unique personality. When dressing a family, it's always a good idea to color coordinate, but not match. Make sure to pay special attention to your clothes on the day of our shoot. Try to iron and be sure clothes are clean and crisp. But don't worry! Accidents happen...that's what Photoshop is for and I can remove most blemishes :) Pinterest is an awesome place to do a little research on clothing inspiration.


Here are some great outfits my past clients have chosen that bring out their personalities!